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De Moi

Taking random notes and rubbing them together.

Vojtech Vesely, known professionally as De Moi, is a Czech musician, sound artist, and record producer renowned for his innovative contributions to ambient music. He is recognized for his pioneering work in fusing long decaying tones, which led to the introduction of the concept of Drifting Intervals.


Born in South Moravia, Czechia, Vesely's musical journey was significantly influenced by a diverse array of musical philosophies and techniques. Drawing inspiration from the works of avant-garde composers like La Monte Young and experimental pioneers such as Terry Riley, Robert Fripp, and Pauline Olivieros, Vesely delved into the realms of drones, tape loops, and delays. This exploration culminated in the development of his concept known as Drifting Intervals—a technique characterized by the gradual fusion of multiple tones or intervals, creating a cohesive ambient texture. To illustrate the principle of Drifting Intervals, Vesely suggests imagining taking random notes and slowly rubbing them together.

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Collaborations & Custom Works

In the early 2020s, Vesely composed music for various projects, including music for audio books such as 'Skoromodlitby' and 'Magorské Modlitby'. He has created music for both CalmApp, a San Francisco-based software company, and contributed to the SoundMindApp. Despite being based in Europe, Vesely found artistic resonance within the vibrant music community of Nevada City, California, where his installations, such as "The Quint," were showcased in local galleries in 2023. He also shares his expertise through educational initiatives, having conducted lectures and sound design workshops at events like the Youtopia digital culture festival in Trnava, Slovakia, and the Czech music festival Meziprostor.

“Patient and elaborate, the artist swings you in on his modular-synth drones, further expanding the lucid horizont with a sequence of captivating, unique sounds appearing all over the spectrum. The production of the work is wonderfully geeky too. Each sound placed carefully and with plenty of expertise. Delightful, lucid, dreamy - treat yourself.” 

Music Dances When You Sleep, UK


Beyond his musical endeavors, Vesely is an active advocate for environmental causes, working with Brian Eno and his charity EarthPercent as an ambassador.

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